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I am not a psychologist or a spiritual guru. I am an ordinary guy with an extraordinary life who has found a way to live one day at a time, which allows me to be the man I was born to be. My authentic self. Sober since 1994 and healed from all childhood trauma as a result of therapy.


I am here to share my experience, strength and tools with anyone who feels stuck in their lives. With anyone who is yearning to live in their authentic self. My experience had taught me that it wasn’t until I became willing to take responsibility for all things me, that my life had a profound shift and I was able to start living in the here and now and in acceptance of all things. It’s only then, that I become willing to change.


I was born in Cuba where I lived until the age of 9 . Only child  who learned to escape reality at a very early age so as to survive the reality that was presented. This creative means of survival prompted me to start doing puppet theater at the age of 5, in Cuba. After migrating to Miami, my parents enrolled me in a Folkloric Dance company. Creativity saved my life.


I’ve had the privilege to reinvent myself many times throughout my journey from a successful career in restaurant management in New York city to becoming a working actor in Hollywood in Film and TV in projects like, Mulholland Drive, The Crow, Anaconda. Twin Peaks, Six Feet Under among many others. To going back to school at UCLA and getting a certificate in Interpreting and Translation and creating a successful career in Entertainment Translations for the last 5 years.


2019 took me all over the United States, Puerto Rico and Singapore as a Co-Facilitator/Trainer, delivering the Virtus Program for AbbVie Inc. A three day program aimed at minimizing human error and maximizing human excellence.

After years of working with addicts and alcoholics, my coaching practice began, which lead to Responsibility Revolution the Podcast and the Work.

And it’s not over yet. 

The best is yet come. Come along for the ride.

You are officially invited

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